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University Teams are formed by the respective Clubs. A Club may form different Teams for entering different competitions at the same time or at different times of the year.

At HKUST, we adopt a Manager-Coach partnership. A part-time professional Coach will be responsible for training the Team for competitions. A Manager, normally a staff of Dean of Students' Office assigned to the Team, will be responsible for advising the Team on administrative matters (e.g. use of the University name and logo) as well as assisting the Team on matters related to participation in competitions.

A Club Advisor normally also acts as Manager of the Team, as the duties are not suitable for part-time staff. The Manager assists the Team in coach selection, particularly in:

- Screening and recommendation of coaches;
- Completing employment formalities with HRO;
- Acting as a communication link between the team and the part-time coach;
- Providing logistic and administrative support e.g.
- verifying eligibility and qualifications of student players;
- attending team meetings;
- purchase of uniforms and equipment;
- application for subsidy and financial assistance;
- booking of practice venues, etc.

The Student Society may also appoint a student to be Manager of the Team. In this case, the Manager appointed by the Dean of Students' Office will take a supportive role and ensure that the fair name of the University will not be put into disrepute.

By mutual consent of the Manager and the Teams/Clubs, the Manager may also take up the coaching duties and act as the Manager-Coach. If this happens, it is desirable for the respective Clubs to nominate their Student Manager to facilitate liaison between the Club and the Team.

The success of this Manager-Coach partnership depends on the co-operation and co-ordination between the two parties, with due support of the Team/Club and the management.

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